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I think it’s important in life to have the mindset of always being a student, and to always continue learning and growing. I will share things that I’m learning or have learned here from time to time. Here are some of my recent favorite books!


by Tim Ferriss
This book is a life saver! It has dozens of life hacks and time savers relevant to today. If you have any inclination to do anything with an entrepreneurial twist to it, then it’s a must. The chapter on how to organize your priorities was life changing for me.  CLICK HERE


by Jen Sincero
This book will help you learn how remove mental blocks that prevent you from stepping outside of your comfort zone. Jen is funny and gives the vibe that she is just a normal person. Although “Making Money” is in the title, I enjoyed it more for noticing my little patterns and habits of limiting beliefs. CLICK HERE


by Anthony Robbins
ony wrote this book to help those who were crushed in the last financial down cycle. There are tons of tips on where to invest and how to allo-cate your hard-earned money. Sometimes I feel musicians get a bad rap for not being money wise. It’s a huge book but worth the investment to read. Even if we just follow a few tips, it can make a difference in our overall outlook on our financial future. CLICK HERE


by Walter Isaacson
What I enjoyed about this book was the insight into a man with a huge imagination. His thought experiments reminded me how important it is to use our imagination not only when performing a piece, but when solving problems in the practice room. It shows how he was still a human being with failures and mistakes. His quest for simplistic explanation of the universe is a good reminder for trying to find simplicity in my trumpet playing. If the universe has simplicity then surely trumpet playing and music making can too. CLICK HERE


Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration
by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace
Fascinating story of how Pixar came to life and continued to lead and create a new industry while honoring the past of Disney animation. Ideas on work space environment, leadership, and how we interpret failure as a path toward success. CLICK HERE


by Walter Isaacson
The life of Steve Jobs. I took from this how important it is to allow oneself to evolve, not to stick to ideals that limit us. Understanding the context of his vision and possibly how his time in youth studying Buddhist traditions may have influenced his ability to focus and stay true to his intentions for what he wanted to create or help create. CLICK HERE


by T. Colin Campbell, PhD,
and Thomas Campbell II, MD
Amazing book about diet and the industry that influences our ideas on what is healthy. Life-changing! Mostly centered around the premise that a whole food plant-based diet is best. CLICK HERE

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