Workshops One

I’ll show you an approach to your music career that will create a new wave of momentum, which will lead you to the success you want. It’s not pure technical skill, and it’s not who you know. It’s deeper than that.


What is YOUR secret to successful auditions?

There’s a common thread between your personal strengths, weaknesses, and the challenges you encounter as a musician. We explore how to uncover those common threads and build a personalized plan for successful auditions.


It’s frustrating to work so hard on your technical and musical skills, only to falter during an audition or performance because your nerves are working against you instead of with you. We will explore human behavior when under stress and help you to find a source of inspiration that gives you the mindset you want.

victory workshops will teach you

How to arrive at your audition feeling confident, well-prepared, and excited to play

How to develop a reputation that will make you valued and in-demand

How to feel calm, inspired, zen — use your imagination to create that reality


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